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Testimonials From Our Clients

Some of our clients have been kind enough to write Edward White Builders a testimonial.  You can find them below;

Jen Cole - Testimonial

Edward White Builders have done a lot of work on our family home. They’ve added an extension, and done a complete renovation of the existing house. The whole reason we initially decided to get a renovation was because our bathroom was really just a shower with a separate toilet further down the hall. Now we have a spacious bathroom with a bath tub and a toilet next to the bathroom that can be accessed from two sides (from the bathroom via a sliding door).

Our house is across one storey. The internal renovation was extensive. They had to take down several internal walls and changed around a lot of our home. Where the living room used to be is now the kitchen, one of the bedrooms is now a bathroom, where the kitchen used to be is now a bedroom, where the shower used to be is now a wardrobe in our bedroom. We’ve now got so much storage and a new laundry/utility area. We got double glazed windows installed, and insulation put in throughout - The warmth in the house is really great.

The communication with Edward White Builders all the way through the process has been great. Eddy always let us know exactly where the build was up to. Before starting on something, like the cladding on the outside, for instance, he let us know what was going on, exactly what was involved, and what they’d have to replace. We always knew what was coming up in the build. We’ve been in the picture all the way through.

I would highly recommend Eddy. Edward White Builders are just really friendly and easy to work with. The level of communication all the way through has been brilliant. The quality of the workmanship has been outstanding. Our home just looks so, so good.

John Burnip - Testimonial

I am extremely pleased to be able to write this testimonial for Eddie White.

Eddie and his father Arthur came to our house on a recommendation from a neighbour to sort out and finish alterations that had been started by other builders and were a complete mess.

We found both the Whites to be extremely efficient and capable tradesmen, however much of this work was undertaken by Eddie as his father also has a business on Stewart Island.

I have found Eddie to be pedantic about the quality of his work, which he completes quickly and without fuss. He always showed up on the job when he said he would, his tea breaks are short, as is his lunch break.  He is very disciplined.

After the completion of the alterations I asked for a roof on a very large Studio building to be replaced, this job required scaffolding; Eddie priced the scaffolding for me, it would be $2500 to hire per week and if the job was rained off another $2500. Eddie then gave me another option whereby a timber balustrade was built around the roof of the studio, and when finished I could then use the timber for a fence I planned to build. This was the option that I went with and the job was completed. Eddie thought outside the box, which gave me options that saved me considerable dollars.

Edward White Builders have a comprehensive Health and Safety policy, Eddie is very safety conscious.  There were signs put up on my road gate and a rope placed across the drive with another sign informing visitors that it was a building site. Eddie asked me to read the safety manual and explained the safety procedures and practices. He did it in such a way as not to make me feel a stranger on my own property.

Since the completion of the roof I have had him back to install a double insulated secure room in my studio. 

Edward White Builders are my go-to builders. This is as a result of the service I have received from them along with their honesty, efficiency, as well as being highly skilled tradesmen. I would recommend Eddie to any person that wants work done.

Yours faithfully,

John Burnip

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