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Edward White Builders Ltd and The Year 2022 - 19th Nov 2022

2022 and The Current Climate

Well, as the year of 2022 comes closer and closer to a close, I find myself looking back and trying to work out where it all went! we won't go into the years leading up to the point of 2022 as this seems to be a bit of a one way rabbit warren of international disaster on more than one front!

The residential building sector in New Zealand has taken a mighty knock in my opinion, courtesy of COVID, Government regulation and the resulting rising cost of living. Leaving the every day kiwi wondering, if they can even afford their building project, whether it be renovation, alteration or new build. Looking ahead to 2023, its not looking promising in all honesty. With Gib board looking at approximately a 15% increase on the board itself, associated products (glue,screws,clips etc) an increase around 10% and some insulation, also looking at about 10% increaase. All this coupled with new government regulation to make housing healthier and more efficient (which is great if we can afford it) the cost of a new build or major renovation just keeps stretching Kiwis finances further and further.

While this all sounds a bit like doom and gloom, hopefully interest rates start to make a move the other way and the banks loosen the purse strings keep positivity in our sector. On top of all this, with parlimentry elections coming up, our friends at the beehive will have any number of confidence inducing promises to keep the greater New Zealand humming.

In Dunedin I believe we are lucky in the fact we have multiple commercial building projects on the go to help keep our greater economy healthy. Of course when the hospital build finally really gets underway, our city we call home will continue to grow and thrive even though times are possibly not as certain as they were only a short time ago. In short. Dispite all things considered, Dunedin seems to be trucking on and feeling positive moving into the next year. 

So, if you are thinking of a renovation/alteration and would like some ideas to help keep cost realistic. Visit us at www.ewbuilders.co.nz. We are more than happy to help. 

All the best, and bring on 2023    

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